The Life Without Facebook Experiment

After reading that teens are fleeing from Facebook in droves, I thought I might consider abandoning it myself.  Having undergone a major career change in the last two years, I sometimes find watching the ‘my life is so wonderful’ posts from my supposed Facebook friends irritating and sometimes dare I say ‘upsetting.’  Shame on me for letting it get to me, but I figure if Facebook is on its way out, why not try living without it and see how that feels?

Of course I know that once teens started seeing their grandparents as well as their parents on Facebook, any cool factor the social network once had was lost for them.  Only time will tell if this means the mass exodus of 18-29 year olds as well.

Of course I’ve invested so much (uploading photos, sucking up to potentially career-advancing Facebook friends) I didn’t have the guts to do the total ‘delete’ on my account.  Instead I ‘deactivated’ the account and all I have to do is log back in to get the madness up and running again.  Facebook even begged me to stay, by posting various friends I’ve interacted with and saying ‘John will miss you!’ by their profile photos.  Nice try Facebook.  I’m thinking that instead of liking and commenting and REacting to the ‘news’ feed on FB, I’m going to start bringing up topics on my own terms, without fear of being judged or labeled by any one group of my friends who may find my politics or opinions contradictory to their own.  Of course I know if I’m really ‘blogging’ I open myself up to criticism or comments but if you don’t like me you don’t have to read it.

Well, just 16 hours without Facebook and I already feel better.

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