Living Without Facebook: Day 4

So I made it through the weekend without breaking down and re-activating my Facebook account.  I have to admit that out of habit, while bored in line at the drug store, I clicked the FB app on my phone before I realized I had quit the habit 36 hours before.  I resisted, and didn’t log back in.

It’s strange how social media has trained us to think.  Now when I read e-mails, instead of wanting to craft a thoughtful response, I think where’s the ‘Like’ button?  (Or in some cases, where’s the ‘thumbs down’ button?)  Saturday was a beautiful, cool and sunny day, the kind we don’t get enough of in Houston.  Instead of bragging about it to my friends still freezing up north, I had to quietly soak it in and enjoy it without someone else acknowledging it with a thumbs up.  It was also our nephew’s birthday, and while I took photos of the cake and the festivities, I  had to keep them all to myself.  We even went to see a movie that night, and I actually had to talk about the movie with my husband instead of posting and waiting for comments.  So while I’ve quit Facebook to avoid all the braggadocious posts, it sounds like part of the reason I used the social network was to brag about some things myself.

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