Life Without Facebook: Day 6

I’m coming up on my first full week without Facebook.  I am grateful to have missed all the commentary and posts about the Grammys, which we managed to avoid this year.  In fact, I think I can do without seeing any of the award shows, since it’s no longer required for my employment and I get really tired of celebrities using it as a soapbox for political views.

I do enjoy reviewing the gowns from  the red carpet, and those are easy enough to find all over the internet the following day.  Speaking of, here’s a fairly hideous dress worn by Ashanti (Is she still alive?  Oh yeah, getting her mixed up with Aaliyah).  This dress looks like it’s from the Lingerie by Alien collection.  


Here’s another dress code violation from the very talented Pharrell Williams, who looks like his dad’s mounty hat is too big for him.  No, it’s not a tribute to Smokey the Bear, but an homage to the classic rap song ‘Buffalo Gals’ by Malcom McLaren.  I don’t care how hot this trend gets, I’m not wearing one!  (Does this hat make my waist look smaller?)


OK, so glad I got that out of my system.  I’m not going to rant about the spectacle of the big fat gay/straight wedding, Katy Perry’s demonic dance in a ring of fire, or Beyonce twerking with her husband.  I don’t have that urge anymore now that I’m not on Facebook.  A personal blog is really no place for that.

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