Life Without Facebook Experiment: Update

Tomorrow I will celebrate one month Facebook-free.  Did I miss it?  Will I go back?  I know these are the burning questions all three of my blog readers will want to know.

What did I learn in my Facebook sabbatical?

1.  Most of your friends won’t notice you’re absent from Facebook.  Don’t take it personally.  Most of them are too busy bragging about how awesome their life is to worry about where you’ve been.

2.  I have a friend who seems to ‘live’ on Facebook cannot understand why I have been off it for a month.  ‘Why don’t you just block the a-holes’ posts?’  Good point.

3.  Not wasting time on Facebook makes time for other things:  reading, blogging, texting, Tweeting.

4.  Twitter feels like a safe place to freely give your opinion, but watch out.  I have only half as many Followers (Twitter) as Friends (Facebook).  But you never know when the Council on American-Islamic Relations is going to start following you to keep tabs on your comments.  Yes, really.  (Of course you can block people on Twitter too but you don’t have to be Edward Snowden to know that anything on social media is out there for the NSA and the world to see.)

5.  Blogging is fun.  Don’t you get tired of coming up with clever one-liners for other social media?  I can blog and blog all day long and no one will complain that I posted a marathon post on their wall.

6.  You really can have too many Facebook friends.  Unfriend the ones who wouldn’t know you if you called them tomorrow.  If you don’t have their number in your phone, that’s a good way to know. 

7.  But on the positive side – I really do keep in touch with some real friends through Facebook. Some out of town, some here in town. Now that doesn’t mean I see every event they post, but at least I have an idea what’s happening in their lives.

So even if Facebook is on the way out, I don’t think I’m ready to shut down my page just yet.

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